Kaumara Foundation: Aims and Objectives

  1. The Kaumara Foundation shall be an independent body governed by its own rules and its own board of directors. Hence it shall not be an arm or wing of another body, nor should it be subordinate or answerable to anyone outside of its own governing body.
  2. Its aims shall be, broadly speaking, to:
    1. IDENTIFY those individuals and small-scale projects that have potential to impact Indian society favorably in such fields as the literature and the arts, not excluding living religious and spiritual traditions that have long been an integral part of Indian culture; and
    2. SUPPORT those individuals and projects with encouragement, recognition and, to the extent possible, financial support.
  3. The Kaumara Foundation will be unique in its recognizing the potential synergy of a partnership of enterprising expatriate Indians and friends of India on the one hand, and equally dedicated individuals living in India whose contribution to Indian society could be further enhanced if they would receive recognition and support from their expatriate brethren.
  4. The Kaumara Foundation will seek non-profit status so that the contributions of its members and supporters may be tax-deductible, providing incentive to give greater financial support than they could otherwise.
  5. The Kaumara Foundation recognizes that, just as expatriate business investment is often more cost-effective when it is conducted as offshore projects, so similarly charitable funds in the humanities have greater impact when invested offshore in India where costs are substantially less. Rather than to bankroll gold-plated projects (like university chairs) abroad, we aim to maximize the return on our investment by supporting outstanding scholars et al. in need who are conducting their life's work in India.
  6. Those who provide financial support to the Foundation should have a direct say in how the money is spent. That is, a donor may designate the project, artist, scholar, etc. who is to receive financial support, or a Foundation project may appeal to donors who know their support will go towards that particular project. This way there will be a personal connection between donors and the scholars or artists, etc whom the donors are supporting.
  7. We appreciate that any support going to India should be sent in gradual installments, not as a lump sum presented in advance, except where project startup costs are substantial. Knowing economic conditions in India, we understand that our support should be regular and steady from month to month. We can achieve this by setting up special accounts in foreign and Indian banks to release funds gradually.